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Short stories (All of these stories, for some reason, have to do with really twisted marriages – I don’t know how to explain myself):

The Watch
Creative Writing Class Final
(7 pages, single-spaced)
Samantha must learn to move on from her husband’s death – but why won’t his old watch stop ticking after it was broken?  And more importantly…why is it ticking backwards?

The Phone Call
Fiction; Thriller
Writing in London Class Final
(5 pages, single-spaced)
When Penelope realizes her missing husband has darker secrets than she could have ever imagined, she knows she must make a choice: her husband or her life – but aren’t those the same thing?

Past and Future Wednesdays at the Café
Fiction; Sci-Fi; Romance
Fiction Writing Class Final
(5 pages, single-spaced)
Leona sees no point in carrying on – that is until a stranger intervenes and turns her life around.  But who is he?  And why did he choose Leona?  The truth may not be what she wants to hear.

Poetry (These all have to do with coffee – that at least, can be explained):

Creative Writing Class Final
The all too familiar feeling of waking up and longing for that cup of joe.

Starbucks Barista
Creative Writing Class Assignment
We’ve all been there – that cute barista, who makes the coffee taste extra good.