Hello lovelies!  Thanks for stopping by!


That’s me – on a bridge on the Arno river in Florence, Italy!  I’m really ~cultured~

My name’s Sarah, but my friends from home call me “Sarahj”
Not, “Sarah J,” but “Sarahj.”  Pronounced “SUH-rahj.”

You’re probably like, “lol wut?” but to put it simply, it’s a jumbled up nickname my pals gave me long ago, and they are still wonderfully ridiculous and pretentious enough to call me as such.  Hence, ~sarahjthoughts~  (it sounds better once you know it’s not meant to be Sarah J thoughts).

If you had to find me in a crowd, you’d probably see a girl with her eyeliner on too thick and annoyingly quoting movies she’s seen in the past 20 years.

I’m a recent graduate from the University of South Carolina, with a degree in English and a minor in Film & Media Studies.  Don’t talk to me about the Oxford comma (IT’S ESSENTIAL, FIGHT ME), but do bring up the latest TV binge you’re on – I’m your girl for that.


I’ve never been to NYC, but I have a feeling it’ll look good (well?) on me

I’m currently interning as a contributing writer for Monologue Blogger, where I mainly write Digital Media News  articles pertaining to the Entertainment and Social Media world.

Starting in September, I’ll begin an Editorial Internship at Group SJR in New York City!  HUZZAH!

Stay tuned for crazily written stories and shabby-looking pictures up on the blog in the weeks to come!  Expect it to be a lot like my London blog, but this time around it’ll show the better grasp I now have on WordPress…kind of.  I’m trying, here.

My passions include intermixing my major and minor – but as long as I’m writing, writing, writing, then I’m pretty content.  Want me to write something for you?  Pop-culture, films, TV shows, novels, & social media – they’re all kind of my forte.

Honestly, I dabble in mostly everything.  “Jack of all trades, master of none – but better than being a master of one.”  That’s my way of saying I’m sub-par.  JUST KIDDING. *winces*

My ultimate unrealistic dream: become a best-selling author of the next great fantasy series, that gets launched into a film franchise that is loved for generations to come.
But remember what that nifty graphic said about dreams?  Cheers Xx

Keep checking back for updates on life, random happenings, and pop-culture rants.  Signing off!

Sarahj ❤


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