Nerdy Post: Middle Earth

So I finally did the thing where I subscribed to a ~~monthly subscription box~~ HUZZAH!  Excelsior!  YAh yah yah!  Now, I knew I always wanted a book-ish themed one filled with book-ish themed goodies (or at least until the film/tv boxes catch up on the awesomeness levels, ja feel me?) – but I also knew I didn’t want to fork over $30+ a month for one.   Also, ja feel me?


OBVI the money would contribute to the new book each respective sub-box featured per month.  So I get it, I do.  Money = new book.  But I buy my own books, ya know?  I choose them carefully, I make them my own.  I’m not really into the blind date/surprise book scenarios (I probably should be – but I’m not ready to be burned quite so easily).  So while I do appreciate the book inclusion, I knew that I mostly wanted cool trinkets, cute buttons, and awesome quoted things to hang on my wall or use in decoration.

SO WHAM, in comes Nerdy Post!  I found this sub-box through the creator/author’s regular bookstagram handle @dropandgivemenerdy (Alexis Lampley).  And she rocks.

Basically, Alexis is an amazing hand-letterer/artist, and she makes insanely cool designs, with the BEST quotes (squeals) – and each month is a new fandom!!!  LIke, hold on, gonna cry:


And at first, I thought “aw naw man, I still can’t be buying this” I got no $$$ BUT GREAT NEWS!!  No book means no intensely-expensive box!!  It’s only $13 a month (+ shipping)!

I obviously still thought it over, but when I saw all the stuff she was rolling out monthly I knew I had to subscribe (you can also skip a month if you’re not in the monthly chosen fandom).  She knocked out the Middle Earth box (mi primer cuadro), and I just had to snap pics of them to show here.  Def going to try to make this a monthly thing because #pretty #things #iCry.

Let us begin, as I show you up close and personal what le fun box contained (descriptions below each pic):

img_6126So each Nerdy Post has a Nerdy Post-Card (HAH amazing marketing puns, A++) you can color in and send out to peeps (or selfishly keep for yourself, let’s be real homies).  And naturally, this one was catered to the Middle Earth theme, with the devious SMAUG gracing it!  YAS!  What a daunting post card, I love it.  “No dragon can resist the fascination of riddling talk and of wasting time trying to understand it.”  Can’t bring myself to color this, as there is a 98.5% chance I’ll screw it up – I always choose to live in fear rather than disappointment heh heh.  BAD MOTTO, send help.

img_6127Look at this bookmark.  Look at it.  THAT IS AN ENT, MY FRIENDS.  AND HE ALSO LOOKS LIKE LIAM NEESON IN “WHEN A MONSTER CALLS” (kind of and also not really but it’s okay) AND now i’m crying.  And the quote?  Alexis says she could just hear Treebeard saying it.  But alas, it’s actually a quote from Tom Bombadil (so still LOTR so it’s a thing).

Other side of the bookmark is the quote most people know from LOTR without realizing its full prose.  While most gravitate towards the wanderlust-y “Not all those who wander are lost,” I usually find myself saying “All that is gold does not glitter” – to remind myself that you don’t have to sparkle and draw attention to have value.  Or maybe it’s because it reminds me of All Star.  But I do always get a chill when I remember “Deep roots are not touched by the frost.”  An amazing reminder to myself when I feel like my morals or beliefs could be ridiculed – and why I shouldn’t care.

img_6133Fat bookmark/tiny print – LOVE LOVE LOVE.   A lovely reminder to always value cheer and song daily.  Also, food>gold any day.  Also, also, the word “merrier” just reminds me of my Merry, and like SOBS forever.  I love you Dominic Monaghan.

img_6134Other side of fat bookmark/tiny print – “Where there’s life, there’s hope.”  Said by both Sam and Bilbo (which makes it doubly important).  Alexis explained that the sinister Eye of Sauron background was due to the quote’s meaning that light and hope and goodness always exists, even among the bad.  Even in the face of pure evil.  So in a way, the “words become the light of the bookmark” shining in front of the bad; and despite it.

Speaking of the Eye of Sauron, this little sticker is super cool, with a creepy quote from the Silmarillion.   Nioceee.  Also, excuse the breakage in imagery – forgot to snap this when the sun was out lol.  I’m worthless, I’m cancelled.


img_6132LOOK at this washi tape – IT’S LIKE THE RING!!!  IT HAS ELVISH ALL AROUND IT AND IT’S GOLD.  I’m SCREAMING IN CAPS HELP.  k look at it one more time!!!  k I’m done (i’m never done).

img_6128Let’s take a hobbit-sized minute and realize that this was a specially minted coin, specifically for LOTR and I’m on the floor.  And this one is for Aragorn?  AND ALSO ARWEN???  I’m fine.

img_6130Other side.  Once more, with feeling.

img_6139-1This little bonus bookmark is a promo for NerdWicks, and it is just so cute!!  Love, love, this quote.  SO ADVENTUROUS.

img_6143-1Big poster time!  “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”  Let the words sink in y’all, like they did when you were a kid.  And remember that with how crazy the world is today – we’ve been given the task to make it better.  No use moping around wishing – we gotta act.  LES GO.

img_6136And finally, MY FAVE mini print – little baby Frodo and the wonderful quote!!  LOVE IT!!!  The back of the miniprint also has Alexis’ explanations for most of the items (I didn’t just randomly know some of the fun-facts I shared lawlz).

DIS BOX WAS THE BEST INTRO TO NERDY POST.  I’m floored.  My only objection is I need ANOTHER Middle Earth box so it can include my favorite LOTR quote by Sam – the one that ends with “…It’s worth fighting for.” YOU KNOW.  you KNOW the one.

But gosh, Middle Earth and LOTR and the Hobbit just…they know how to bring out the MOST adventure in you.  The MOST.


the mostest.

But otherwise, 10/10 would recommend for all you Nerdy folk out there.  Thank you, thank you, Alexis!



(Go back and see if you can count how many times I said a variation of “month.”  There is NO end).



One thought on “Nerdy Post: Middle Earth

  1. Cait @ Paper Fury says:

    OMG THIS BOX IS AMAZING!! The font on the one with Sauron’s eye on it is ammmmmazing. Excuse me while I just stare at it forever!😂 And the elvish washi tape…Ahhh! What a fun and exciting box!


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